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 7:30 – 8:30 Registration and breakfast

8:30 – 9:00 Welcome and Introduction

  • Dr. John Kucia 
  • Mayor John Cranley    

Concurrent Sessions

9:10am – 9:55am             

A1           Creating Places We Love    
                 Margy Waller
What is creative placemaking? Who’s doing it and how? How can you do it?  Join the conversation about creative placemaking: letting the arts be part of making the social, physical, and economic impact we want on our streets and sidewalks, and in our parks and plazas.

A2           Going Big – Scaling Neighborhood Revitalization for Big Impact 
                 Oscar Bedolla •  Darin Hall
Cincinnati neighborhoods are among our region’s greatest assets and are magnets for those who seek diverse and vibrant places to live and work. Transforming neighborhoods in a way that fuels opportunity for everyone requires community-driven action, engagement and investment.  Hear how the City’s Economic Development team and the Port Authority work with neighborhoods and directs resources that create sustainable change. 

A3           Engagement Leads to Better Planning
                 Alexis Kidd •  Sara Sheets •  Lois Smith •  Melissa Wegman
Be proactive rather than reactive when thinking about what you want for your community. Creating a vision for your community’s future can be an effective way to engage your neighborhood’s residents, businesses, property owners, institutions, and other stakeholders. Learn how developing a community plan helped community representatives set priorities and make decisions.

A4           Making Your Organization Media Savvy 
                 Julie Zimmerman
You want to get the message out about the work you do. This session will review all the options, from coverage by local media to building your own social media accounts, along with how to build relationships with media members and how to reach out directly to your constituents.

10:05 – 10:50  

B1           Making Your Place Safe
                Exec.  Asst. Chief Bailey • Captain Maris Herold
Leadership from the Cincinnati Police Department will  give a presentation on the new crime prevention  place based strategy. Called PIVOT, or  Place Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories,  this will be an interactive opportunity to learn about new cutting edge efforts to make communities safe.  The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion from several neighborhood leaders.

B2           Investing in Cincinnati by Investing in Our People
                Eric Avner
The Haile/U.S. Bank Foundation launched People’s Liberty as a philanthropic lab in 2015. What is People’s Liberty, and what the heck is a “philanthropic lab?” More importantly, what funding opportunities are now available for people in Cincinnati to make change in neighborhoods? Get your questions answered in this lively session. 

                Placemaking: Creating Demand, Influencing Supply  
                 Kevin Wright • Joe Nickol
How to use small scale placemaking activities to spur demand for development and investment in your community. The speakers are currently authoring the Neighborhood Playbook, a small guide that outlines this process. In the session a draft of the playbook will be used to walk you through how to create demand in your community through placemaking activities.

B3           Economic Opportunity for All
                Derrick Braziel •  Carolyn Reisinger
This session will detail strategies for empowering low-income, marginalized Cincinnatians through localized, neighborhood-focused economies which empower residents and generate economic opportunities for all.

B4           Asset-based Community Development 101 
                Liz Blume
Asset-based Community Development is a strategy for sustainable community-driven development.

11:00 – 11:45 

C1           Cradle to Career: Pre-School Promise & the Madisonville Pipeline
                Ross Meyer • Stephanie Byrd  •  Sara Sheets
The Preschool Promise and the Madisonville Pipeline to Children’s Success are two local examples of how regional and neighborhood groups are working to expand educational opportunities for all.

C2           Small Business Development to Commercial Corridors
                Seth Walsh •  Joe Gorman •  Mike Cappel 
Join several CDCs, in different stages of growth, to discuss tips and challenges of building a grassroots movement, encouraging small businesses, developing  commercial corridors,  and other strategies to position your neighborhood business district for long term success

C3           Creative Placemaking: Harnessing the Creative Energy in Your Community
                Kristen Baker •  Tara Townsend
Artistic and cultural activities strengthen a community, particularly when they reveal and celebrate its character and identity. Come hear how ArtsWave and LISC are supporting residents coming together to make social, physical and economic changes in their neighborhoods through the arts and culture.

C4           Creating Healthy Communities Coalition: How Data Can Impact Placemaking
                Denisha Porter • Ellen Berninger
The CHCC seeks to implement policy, systems and environmental changes that will encourage a healthier lifestyle, such as more access to farmers’ markets, trails, and tobacco free environments such as housing, parks, and recreation centers. This session will: 1) Discuss the results of the CHAnGE Tool. 2) Identify the community vision for healthy living 3) Discuss ways to improve. These ideas can then be implemented to support Placemaking in neighborhoods throughout the city.

12:00pm – 1:00pm   Lunch and Community Awards

Join us for:
           Vice Mayor David Mann announcing the
           2016 Neighborhood Summit Awards
           City Manager Harry Black announcing the winners of
           Engage Cincy!

Concurrent Sessions

 1:10 pm – 1:55 pm  

D1           Neighborhood Games: Planning to Play
                Henry Frondorf • Pamela Roebel • Scott Priestle • Susan Lennard
The Cincinnati Neighborhood Games will bring all 52 Cincy Neighborhoods together for fun and friendly competition in the spring and summer of 2016.  This session will discuss in detail what steps we have taken up to this point and what steps we have left to take to make the CNG reality.

D2           Strong Place: Community Council Effectiveness and Representation 
                Mary Jenkins  • Ryan Messer • Ollie Kroner
Strengthening Civic Life by Starting with the Basics: To be effective, a neighborhood needs to engage in community organizing, asset mapping, networking, fundraising, and so on. But at its core, a good neighborhood attends to its neighborliness.  Each of these neighborhoods are diverse and changing with many challenges.  Come hear their strategies for keeping their communities strong.

D3           Place Making – How to Make Places in Your Community
                Vikas Mehta •  John Kornbluh  •  Frank Russell  •  Jeff Raser   
How do diverse aspects of environment add up to make a vital neighborhood?  This interactive panel discussion connects theory, planning, design, and real examples for dialogue with attendees on how streets can be responsive, equitable, and communicative places, for example, Findlay Market’s multiple means of arrival and connection, arts and events, in its placemaking strategy. The learning across disciplines will also share techniques of DIY placemaking, guerrilla urbanism, and how fundamental design approaches work in practice.

D4           Price Hill’s Comprehensive Approach to Placemaking
                 Sam McKinley •  Jay Kratz • Laura Jekel • Chris Smyth • Pamela Taylor
This placemaking work approaches from multiple directions: community engagement and outreach, economic development, real estate, the arts, and sustainability. You’ll hear from the individuals at Price Hill Will responsible for each of these areas, and how their efforts contribute to the placemaking mission.

2:05pm – 2:50pm  

E1           Youth Engagement for Better Places
                Jasmine Humphries • David Weaver

E2           Community Based Arts
                Tamara Harkavy • Clete Benken •  Katie Davis
Join ArtWorks, KCB and the Kennedy Heights Art Center to learn more about their programs, projects and ways to connect placemaking in your neighborhood through community based arts

E3           Tapping the Value of Historic Neighborhoods: Why They are Leading           Urban Revitalization
                Paul Muller •  Conrad Kickert •  Couper Gardiner 
Curious about nonprofit, research, and urban design perspectives on heritage, uniqueness of place, and neighborhood character? This interactive panel discussion helps attendees preserve assets while enabling future growth, local retail, and walkable neighborhoods, and understand the value of Main Street heritage, the challenges of retail consolidation, and building social capital to help create, occupy and sustain places that matter.

E4           How Far is Next Door? The Effects of “Ability Flight” On Place-making
                Brandon Black
In the roll call of community, residents with developmental disabilities are often marked absent. In this session we discuss the phenomenon “Ability Flight” or social outsourcing and other causes of invisibility that rob people and places of their true potential and how this discovery shaped our work moving forward.

3:00pm – 3:45                               

Engagement Workshops    
             join us for hands-on workshops to improve your community’s engagement strategies

F1           Workshop:  Strategies for Engaging Youth
David Weaver
Participants will benefit from the learning that has occurred over three years of engaging 800 youth around the concepts of community, engagement, teamwork and leadership.  Assumptions will be interrogated, motivations will be challenged, and capacity to develop and mentor youth will be assessed through an examination of individual and organizational authority, authenticity, and accountability.

F2           Workshop:  Community Engagement. Conversations That Matter: Change the Conversation Change the Future.
                 Dan Joyner • Gary Robbins
Through engagement techniques, Cincinnati Civic Engagement Works will show how to tap the collective intelligence and energy of neighbors and organizations to build quality neighborhoods.

 F3           Workshop:  Childhood Poverty – a Call to Action |
                  Ross Meyer, Sr. Sally Duffy
Join Community Impact at the United Way and the SC Ministry Foundation for a conversation on addressing poverty in our community

         F4           Workshop: State of Black Cincinnati- Moving Forward
                          Chara Fisher Jackson     


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